Conscious Conditioning

with Riannon Zorn

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"Live Mindfully, Move Consciously, Be Well."

Are you tired of chronically dealing with the same aches, pains and bodily complaints?

Have you been wanting to begin a fitness routine, but hold back due to worry about pain or injury?

Do you find yourself wishing that you felt strong and mobile enough to keep up with the activities that you enjoy?

Are you looking for strategies to sustainably and simply integrate more wellness practices into your daily life?

Have you finished physical therapy, but still feel unsteady in your new post-injury normal?

Are you looking for simple tools and techniques to provide lasting stress relief?

Are you interested in learning to better manage your chronic pain?

Do you want to feel more whole and integrated in body, mind and spirit?

The joy and lightness that comes with freedom of movement is your birthright, come claim it!

Individual Work

Every body is different. We human beings are invariably unique in both form and perception, and we flow through very different circumstances in our lives.   We meet a wide array of demands each day, and we replenish ourselves in different ways. We hurt in different places, we yearn for different things, and there is just no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when working with human people. 

My job is to help you explore your uniqueness in both structure and spirit, so that you can do whatever it is you love empowered by a greater sense of connectedness and ease. My ultimate goal is to teach you to mindfully care for yourself, so that I am only needed for maintenance and the occasional tune up. 

Modalities Offered Include…

Movement Therapeutics & Self Care Coaching

The way you move (or don’t) has a big influence on how well you feel with-in your skin, and how well you can utilize your body to effectively engage with the world around you. Movement screening is used to help us to identify patterns of movement which are contributing to imbalances of stress and tension in the body. These imbalances, unchecked, often lead to inflammation, strain and pain. Once these patterns are identified, a variety of modalities can be used to address them:

  • Roll Model Method ® therapy balls empower you with simple, effective, portable, practical, self-massage tools which achieve an intuitively appropriate pressure and pace that any body worker would be challenged to replicate. Be your own massage therapist! I will show you why, how and where to use these tools and techniques which can help to lessen pain, improve mobility and reduce your risk of non-traumatic injury.

  • Restore Your Core ™ functional strength coaching is used to help retrain the core and pelvic floor musculature to work together more effectively to support the spine. This provides supportive decompression for the spine.

  • Yoga Tune Up © fitness therapy is used boost interoception (your sense of what’s happening within your body), and proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space),as well as to explore, restore, and expand strength and active range-of-motion throughout the body.

  • RockTape® Functional Movement Techniques can help you learn new more balanced patterns of movement. RockTape provides decompression to the area, and helps to mitigate pain while vividly enhancing both proprioception and active-range of motion .

  • Restorative Yoga Postures can help you to release unconsciously held areas of excess tension within the body. In conjunction with intentional mindset and breathing practices, these purposeful postures stimulate deep relaxation. This process of dialing down the sympathetic nervous system response and turning on the parasympathetic recovery responses helps to soothe a frazzled system, stimulate the body’s natural systems of healing and repair, and can create a profound sense of lightness and peace.

Massage Therapy

Sometimes we literally need a hand or two (or even an elbow) from someone else in order to sense and release the deeply engrained patterns of stress and strain that we carry within us. A variety of modalities can be used enhance your proprioception, reduce pain, stimulate relaxation and help your body to activate its own innate healing mechanisms:

  • Swedish Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Neuromuscular Therapy


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Pricing: 60 minute Sessions

  • New Client 3 Session Pack: $180
    (To be used within 3 months)
  • Single Session: $80
  • 5 Session Pack: $350
    (To be used within 5 months)
  • 10 Session Pack: $600
    (To be used within 10 months)

Pricing: 90 minute Sessions

  • New Client 3 Session Pack: $270
    (To be used within 3 months)
  • Single Session: $125
  • 5 Session Pack: $530
    (To be used within 5 months)
  • 10 Session Pack: $900
    (To be used within 10 months)