Conscious Conditioning

with Riannon Zorn

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"Live Mindfully,  Move Consciously,  Be Well."

About Riannon Zorn

N.A.S.M. Corrective Exercise Specialist Credential #: 1426943
Pennsylvania State Massage Therapist License #: MSG12050

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Riannon is fascinated with the symbiotic complexities and inspirational adaptability of the human body and mind. Focused on current research and best practices, she schedules her continuing education as eagerly as others plan vacations. She is passionate about her work, and fueled by a personal quest for healing as well as an insatiable desire to help others using what she learns.  She guides her students and clients to soothe chronic tension, create a sense of wellness, and to cultivate versatile strength. Clients come to her with the ultimate goal of participating fully in their favorite parts of life; confident that their strength and stability will be there when they need them. Riannon is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist , Personal Trainer, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and Pennsylvania State Licensed Massage Therapist and Educator .