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"Live Mindfully,  Move Consciously,  Be Well."

Movement and Massage Therapy Sessions

Every body is different. We human beings are ruthlessly unique in both form and perception, and we flow through very different circumstances in our lives.   We meet a wide array of demands each day, and we replenish ourselves in different ways. We hurt in different places, we yearn for different things, and there is just no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to the body.  My job is to help you explore and better utilize your own unique structure through movement and massage therapy so that you can do whatever it is you love empowered by a greater sense of connectedness and ease.

I highly recommend a series of at least 3 private sessions for every client prior to beginning any new movement practice.

Your  private sessions will include a customized blend

  • FMS® Functional Movement Screening: Effective posture and movement screening helps us address areas of your lifestyle and movement habits that contribute to your chronic tension, inflammation and pain. This system alerts us to any risk of injury within specific movement patterns and helps us figure out where to begin,  what to prioritize, and how to evaluate progress within your unique programming.
  • Mindful Breath Work: This will help you to identify, engage and strengthen your reflexive core stability.  This will also help to align, decompress and support your spine while stimulating deeper states of relaxation.  
  • Therapeutic Massage: Sometimes you literally need hand to notice and release deeply engrained patterns of stress and strain.  A variety of modalities including Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular techniques can enhance your proprioception (your physical sense of self), soothe and balance a frazzled system and help your body to activate it’s own innate healing mechanisms.

  • Roll Model Method ® Therapy Ball Techniques: These tools provide you with simple and effective self massage techniques that can help you lessen pain, improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury. 
  • Therapeutic Movement Work:  Using the National Academy of Sports Medicine ™ Corrective Exercise Continuum and Yoga Tune Up® mobility training exercises will help you to create a balance of stability and mobility in your daily movement. This helps to reduce chronic tension and associated inflammation, as well as reduce your risk of injury during everyday activity.
  • Supported Restorative Yoga Poses: These postures allow you to gently explore your breath capacity and alignment in passive positions that help you to soothe your nervous system, consciously release deeply held tensions, and create a sense of peaceful wellbeing.

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    • Single Session: $80
    • 5 Session Pack: $350
      (To be used within 50 days of purchase)
    • 10 Session Pack: $600
      (To be used within 100 days of purchase)

    In-Home Sessions
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