Conscious Conditioning

with Riannon Zorn

(609) 462-1184

"Live Mindfully, Move Consciously, Be Well."

Are you tired of chronically dealing with the same aches, pains and bodily complaints?

Have you been wanting to begin a fitness routine, but hold back due to worry about pain or injury?

Do you find yourself wishing that you felt strong and mobile enough to keep up with the activities that you enjoy?

Are you looking for strategies to sustainably and simply integrate more wellness practices into your daily life?

Have you finished physical therapy, but still feel unsteady in your new post-injury normal?

Are you looking for simple tools and techniques to provide lasting stress relief?

Are you interested in learning to better manage your chronic pain?

Do you want to feel more whole and integrated in body, mind and spirit?

The joy and lightness that comes with freedom of movement is your birthright, come claim it!

Small Group Classes

Restore Your Core ©


Get a whole body workout while helping to restore proper function and synergy between the muscles of the core and pelvic floor

Friday Evening Roll & Restore

me teaching b&b.jpg

Untangle the week’s tensions with a light-hearted evening of deep relaxation including therapy ball self-massage, restorative yoga, and chocolate.

Restorative Yoga Tune Up

Me R Twist.JPG

Rest deeply in Restorative Yoga poses fused with healing modalities like essential oils, crystal bowl sound healing, hands-on Reiki energy, and therapeutic massage, allowing you to experience stillness, support and self-compassion.

Total Body Tune Up: Embodied Strength from Head to Toe

me airplane squat.JPG

Find a blissful balance between feeling solidly grounded and fluidly mobile as you blend intentional self-compassion with building functional strength.

Self-Care Survival Skills: Roll Model Method Therapy Balls

me ball on traps.JPG

Who can say no to a 2 hour massage? Join us in a practice of nourishing our own trouble spots with these portable, practical, powerful self-massage tools that achieve an intuitively indicated pressure and pace that any massage therapist would be challenged to replicate. This is a GREAT way to take care of yourself between professional bodywork sessions. No previous experience is required. Therapy balls will be provided during the workshop, and available for sale afterwards if you’d like to bring some home.