Conscious Conditioning

with Riannon Zorn

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"Live Mindfully, Move Consciously, Be Well."

Are you tired of chronically dealing with the same aches, pains and bodily complaints?

Have you been wanting to begin a fitness routine, but hold back due to worry about pain or injury?

Do you find yourself wishing that you felt strong and mobile enough to keep up with the activities that you enjoy?

Are you looking for strategies to sustainably and simply integrate more wellness practices into your daily life?

Have you finished physical therapy, but still feel unsteady in your new post-injury normal?

Are you looking for simple tools and techniques to provide lasting stress relief?

Are you interested in learning to better manage your chronic pain?

Do you want to feel more whole and integrated in body, mind and spirit?

The joy and lightness that comes with freedom of movement is your birthright, come claim it!

Strong Foundations: Signature Workshops

Self-Care 101: Your Therapeutic Toolkit

me ball on traps.JPG

Learn to use some portable, practical, powerful self-care tools. Be your own body-worker, and achieve an intuitively indicated massage that any therapist would be challenged to replicate. Understand and practice applying techniques and strategies to release soft tissue adhesions, enhance mobility, erase pain, relive tension, and better embody your body.

Engineering Bilss: A Deep Dive Into Down-Regulation

Me R Twist.JPG

Learn to exert a positive influence over the state of your nervous system, and the thoughts and energies that pervade your daily life. Practice the skills and techniques that can help to shift from our over-active “fight, flight or freeze” sympathetic nervous system responses, and into the restorative parasympathetic state of “rest, digest, and recover”.

Reflexive Core:  An Exploration of Intrinsic Stabilization

Me Coregeous+on+Belly.jpeg

Become the master of your midsection as you learn and explore the mechanics of true spinal stability which includes everything from the top of your head to the base of your spine.

Rooted Mobility: Strength From The Ground Up


True strength is integrated from head to toe. Learn to tap into this and find the balance between being solidly grounded and fluidly agile in your daily movements.

Earth to Soul: An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying


Learn to enter the realms of Spirit which exist alongside the ordinary reality we experience everyday. Access ancient wisdom, potent energetic medicines, and powerful allies, teachers and guides waiting to support you along your path through this life.